Sam & Dale’s Wedding Day – Pocket Video

Sam and Dale’s wedding was at the beautiful St James Church in Bulkington and than on to Weston Hall, they are a lovely couple and have two of the most beautiful little girls too. With two colours for their day – Aqua and Yellow – their wedding style was fab, and really summed up the awesomeness of these two soulmates.
With 5 gorgeous sisters as their the couples adult bridesmaids, and than their daughters and nieces as little bridesmaids / flower girls, not to mention paige boys, groomsmen and a hair perfectionist brother as Best Man, this was a great family centred wedding day, and the whole family was brilliant.

Sam & Dale’s Pocket Video


The wedding of Claire & Jason

The final wedding of 2015, December 29th, we has blue skies, it may have been cold be we had blue sky!!! I absolutely loved sharing this couples perfect day with them, capturing all their photography and parts for their pocket video, and it was the perfect way to end 2015. Follow the link and check out their pocket video here and share the magic of this fab couples day.

Cardinal Wiseman – Prom at Coombe Abbey | July 2015

Wow the class of 2015 all look fantastic, and everyone was ready to strike their poses! For me this was a prom with a difference, as we didn’t do the studio experience, which is the popular option for proms, but we used the beautiful Coombe Abbey itself as our very own backdrop! Have a look through a selection of the photos from this prom, and good luck for the future class of 2015 🙂 dfp

IMG_1643 IMG_1647 IMG_1654 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1659 IMG_1660 IMG_1661 IMG_1662 IMG_1664 IMG_1666 IMG_1667 IMG_1670 IMG_1672 IMG_1675 IMG_1679 IMG_1682 IMG_1685 IMG_1688 IMG_1689 IMG_1692 IMG_1695 IMG_1697 IMG_1698 IMG_1699 IMG_1700 IMG_1702 IMG_1703 IMG_1706 IMG_1709 IMG_1711 IMG_1705 IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1717 IMG_1723 IMG_1726 IMG_1732 IMG_1731 IMG_1736 IMG_1734 IMG_1742 IMG_1749 IMG_1751 IMG_1755 IMG_1757 IMG_1760 IMG_1762 IMG_1765 IMG_1766 IMG_1768 IMG_1769 IMG_1771

IMG_0978 IMG_0979 IMG_0984 IMG_0982 IMG_1383 IMG_1384 IMG_1389 IMG_1390 IMG_1385 IMG_1391 IMG_1393 IMG_1394 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1399 IMG_1402 IMG_1400 IMG_1405 IMG_1408 IMG_1409 IMG_1410 IMG_1411 IMG_1413 IMG_1415 IMG_1416 IMG_1417 IMG_1418 IMG_1422 IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1430 IMG_1431 IMG_1432 IMG_1434 IMG_1435 IMG_1437 IMG_1439 IMG_1440 IMG_1441 IMG_1438 IMG_1443 IMG_1445 IMG_1446 IMG_1447 IMG_1448 IMG_1451 IMG_1450 IMG_1452 IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1457 IMG_1458 IMG_1460 IMG_1464 IMG_1465 IMG_1467 IMG_1468 IMG_1469 IMG_1471 IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1477 IMG_1478 IMG_1480 IMG_1479 IMG_1481 IMG_1482 IMG_1489 IMG_1490 IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1494 IMG_1496 IMG_1497 IMG_1499 IMG_1500 IMG_1502 IMG_1504 IMG_1505 IMG_1506 IMG_1508 IMG_1509 IMG_1510 IMG_1511 IMG_1512 IMG_1516 IMG_1517 IMG_1520 IMG_1527 IMG_1524 IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1532 IMG_1533 IMG_1534 IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1540 IMG_1541 IMG_1542 IMG_1544 IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1549 IMG_1552 IMG_1557 IMG_1559 IMG_1560 IMG_1561 IMG_1564 IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1568 IMG_1569 IMG_1571 IMG_1572 IMG_1575 IMG_1577 IMG_1579 IMG_1582 IMG_1585 IMG_1587 IMG_1588 IMG_1591 IMG_1589 IMG_1590 IMG_1594 IMG_1596 IMG_1600 IMG_1599 IMG_1607 IMG_1608 IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1613 IMG_1615 IMG_1616 IMG_1612 IMG_1619 IMG_1620 IMG_1625 IMG_1623 IMG_1632 IMG_1629 IMG_1639 IMG_1637 IMG_1634

Karl & Sherry | Wedding Day Memories

Karl & Sherry had a truly stunning day at the beautiful Chace Hotel in Coventry on Saturday.
Karl planned the entire day and gave his sweetheart a truly gorgeous wedding. He thought of every little detail and everyone was in awe of him throughout their celebrations. He may have felt stress on the lead up and nerves on the day, but he gave Sherry the wedding of her dreams and I wish them all the joy for their happily ever after together.

Thank you both for choosing me to photograph and share your wonderful day, and enjoy this little sneak peak of a few of your gorgeous pictures!
web tease_0201
web tease_0394

web tease_0352 web tease_0300


Chantelle & Shaun – Wedding

It’s been forever since I have been on here, but I am going to get back on track and update this at least twice a month from… no matter how busy I am, and what better way to start after a weekend with three gorgeous weddings – Elaine & Kevin at The Royal Court – Gaynor & Steve at The Village – Chantelle & Shaun at The Heart of England – and a handsome little boys christening.

I have teasers up on the Facebook Page from all my weddings, but just wanted to start the blog off with a little sneak peak at Chantelle & Shaun’s wedding, I knew it was going to be a great day as they were a great couple to photograph on their engagement / pre wed shoot, and their little daughter Molly is just gorgeous. Chantelle’s morning preps were relaxed and stress free, and although we had rain to deal with everyone’s spirits were high.










The church in Nuneaton, St Mary’s is out of this world, and it was great to get to use the interior for photos while it poured outside.



25 minutes before the wedding breakfast started in the marquee the rain stopped and the sun burst out from the clouds, and we were outside capturing this lovely couple in the grounds at the Heart of England.



I don’t know how to explain it but weddings just feel magical – this one literally was too with a magician during the cocktail hour – and the starlit walls in the reception room was quite simply, breath taking… I have said it before, but I absolutely love love love weddings…




Wedding Photography Special Offer – Due

Wedding Photography Special Offer – Due to the overwhelming popularity of my special offer I ran at the start of the year, I have decided to do another… Based on my very special ‘Timeless’ package…
The details: All day wedding photography by Dan Foley Photography – from final hour of preparation’s right through to your first dance, capturing every magical moment that happens in between… all your images will receive a full high res editorial, and be presented to you on disc, along with a classic story book wedding album. And just for good measure lets include a free pre wedding / engagement session to start capturing your beautiful story straight away.
The timeless package is £775 but with this offer you have two options:
Option 1 – Take advantage of the £125 discount available – that means its just £650 for your full day wedding photography…
Option 2 – Add our comedy fun booth to your package at no extra charge, this gives you 2hours of photo time, hundreds of props to be played with, and instant prints available on the night.
There is limited availability for 2014, but bookings for 2015 and 2016 are being taken.
This offer ends on the 31st July 2014, so don’t delay and book before than. Contact me now for more information and to check your date – they do fill up fast.
I also recommend we meet up so that you can see my range storybook albums (I recommend this when meeting any photographer)…
Please visit either of the links below to see samples of my work, and finally – CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement

12 weeks Capturing Love – Morning Preparations

It has been 12 weeks since my first wedding of 2014, and I have just realised I haven’t wrote a post in just as long. 9 weddings, a pearl anniversary, several new born babies, many family portraits, a few makeovers, lots of gorgeous new couples and families booked in, a cat walk and just the other day a university ball (with a second to follow). It’s fair to say I have been busy without much down time, and now that I have a few hours break in my schedule I want to share a few of those stunning moments that I have captured, while trying to answer some of the questions I have been asked over the last few months too, this post will be on morning preparations.


Most recently I received an email from a student who is going to be shooting his sister’s wedding down south this summer, his sister wants morning photos doing of the preparations too and he is nervous about how to shoot it. Now I love this part of the story, as it sets the tone for the whole day to come.


You never know what to expect, the most relaxed bride at a consultation may be in a mad panic on the day over some detail that isn’t right, or on the other hand they may be so relaxed that it becomes a challenge to get that sense of excitement into the shots. My advice is quite simple; start with the smaller shots, the detail shots, the shoes, set the scene of this story! 


While you’re doing this everyone will get use to the sound of the camera and my presence, and this will lead to you being able to capture some great natural shots throughout the day.

DFP MP (103) 1978823_301522196667720_1614559821_n

There will always be certain things happening from hair and make-up to the flowers being delivered, but what you have to remember is everything is building up to getting the dress/suit on and the ceremony.


I focus on brides and grooms, straight, gay or lesbian, and love being able to start a story at the morning preparations as it really does set the scene for the day to come. My next post will be on this weekends wedding with Emily & Mikey who are getting married at the Brandon Hall, than I will be doing a follow up post to this on ceremonies.

Hope you have been able to take something from this post and don’t forget to like the face book page 🙂

Dan @ DFP x

Valentines Special Offer on Wedding Photography for 2014/2015

Due to the overwhelming popularity I have had with this special offer in the past I have decided to run it now until Valentines Day. This is my very special ‘Timeless‘ package (previously the Diamond Option)… that gives all you lovely couples who haven’t seen this offer 9 days to book it for your 2014/2015 wedding
Now here are the details:
All day photography by Dan Foley Photography – from preparation’s right through to your first dance, capturing every magical moment that happens in between… all your images will receive a full editorial, and be presented to you on disc, along with a classic story book wedding album. And just for good measure lets include a free pre wedding / engagement session to start capturing your beautiful story straight away.
This offer will end on valentines day, so don’t delay and book before than. Contact me now for more information and to check your date – they are filling up fast. I also recommend we meet up so that you can see my range of storybook wedding albums…
This package is £775 – but you can have it for just £595 – that’s £180 your saving!!!   For samples of my work visit either of the links below.
One last thing – CONGRATULATIONS – your getting married
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