Adrian & Sean | Brandon Hall, Same-Sex Wedding

Adrian & Sean got married on one of those beautiful autumn days of the year at Brandon Hall. I have to confess this was my first gay wedding and I was a teeny bit nervous, what would I need to do differently from a straight wedding? I started doing mock poses of the conventional wedding poses, some worked, and some didn’t! Then came the epiphany moment, ditch the photography rule book and start thinking outside the box. My job is to capture the emotions, the love, the guests and the champagne, and this was my chance to truly follow my instincts and develop my skill set to better serve all couples. I have to say I really enjoyed my first same-sex wedding, which was intimate, striking and really summed up the boys love for one another. I love those pictures that you weren’t even aware I captured, and with this wedding it was after the ceremony, when I told the guys to have five minutes together on their own as Mr & Mr that I caught some of those beautiful moments. They had simply walked out of earshot and held each other, both beaming, and those images sum up this beautiful couple for me.



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