Joylicious Cake Creations l Product Photography – Website Design & Launch

So this last week I have been kept quiet doing photography off some of the most stunning cakes I have ever seen (how I didn’t take a sneak bite I don’t know!).

Cakes covered in melted chocolate and than sculpted into, well the only way to describe them were masterful pieces of art. Angels, Cherubs, butterflies and roses are just some of the beautiful pieces of decorations that Joy & Dav (the Joylicious Cake Team) hand crafted out of chocolate.

Its not just their ‘Chocilicious’ cakes that were mouth watering, their cupcakes and signature cakes were just as good. Its great watching two people who love their work as much as I love mine, and I can guarantee I will be using and recommending their services in the future.

I wanted the website I designed / created for them to reflect their personalities and fantastic designs, and took numerous photos of their cakes from all kinds of angles to capture every beautiful details of their work.

Have a look at these photos I took and visit their website, how do you think it looks? Have I managed to convey their personality across? Would really appreciate the feedback – www,

Thanks everyone,


JCCIMG_5029IMG_8235z (2)z (6)IMG_8216


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