12 weeks Capturing Love – Morning Preparations

It has been 12 weeks since my first wedding of 2014, and I have just realised I haven’t wrote a post in just as long. 9 weddings, a pearl anniversary, several new born babies, many family portraits, a few makeovers, lots of gorgeous new couples and families booked in, a cat walk and just the other day a university ball (with a second to follow). It’s fair to say I have been busy without much down time, and now that I have a few hours break in my schedule I want to share a few of those stunning moments that I have captured, while trying to answer some of the questions I have been asked over the last few months too, this post will be on morning preparations.


Most recently I received an email from a student who is going to be shooting his sister’s wedding down south this summer, his sister wants morning photos doing of the preparations too and he is nervous about how to shoot it. Now I love this part of the story, as it sets the tone for the whole day to come.


You never know what to expect, the most relaxed bride at a consultation may be in a mad panic on the day over some detail that isn’t right, or on the other hand they may be so relaxed that it becomes a challenge to get that sense of excitement into the shots. My advice is quite simple; start with the smaller shots, the detail shots, the shoes, set the scene of this story! 


While you’re doing this everyone will get use to the sound of the camera and my presence, and this will lead to you being able to capture some great natural shots throughout the day.

DFP MP (103) 1978823_301522196667720_1614559821_n

There will always be certain things happening from hair and make-up to the flowers being delivered, but what you have to remember is everything is building up to getting the dress/suit on and the ceremony.


I focus on brides and grooms, straight, gay or lesbian, and love being able to start a story at the morning preparations as it really does set the scene for the day to come. My next post will be on this weekends wedding with Emily & Mikey who are getting married at the Brandon Hall, than I will be doing a follow up post to this on ceremonies.

Hope you have been able to take something from this post and don’t forget to like the face book page 🙂

Dan @ DFP x

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