Thankyou 2013, Welcome 2014

Yesterday I finished going through all of the lovely photos I caught from the two pre wedding sessions I had over the weekend, and it got me thinking about how much I have changed in the last few years.

Photography has always been a passion and I am so lucky that I get to do it as my job, but what I love about photographs is how I get to capture a single moment forever. I don’t think you get to appreciate true worth of a moment until it becomes a memory, and I feel like being able to capture that in a photograph is my gift. I feel honoured that I get to work with and find friends with the amazing couples and kindest of families that I capture through photographs.

It’s been nearly three months since I updated the blog (I get lost in the love and life of everyone that I work with) and have realised that I needed to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who booked me in 2013 before letting that year pass by without a mention – not forgetting all those who have recommended and supported me either!!! Lots of Love…

2014 is shaping up to look like yet another great year – just over two weeks in and have had a lovely new born session plus started a few of my pre wedding sessions for some of my 2014 couples getting ready to tie the knot. I will never get bored of this job, FACT!!! I learn something new every day, and try out new things all the time, I mean come on, not to sound cheesy but I get to create memories in photographs that will get cherished forever – FOREVER – appreciate that word!!! The idea of that was scary at the start of this journey, a good scary though! The type of scary that pushes you to new levels and makes you always want to do your best!

I am a photographer of life, I will capture your love, your family, the most important day of your life, and I will print it, frame it (even hang it if you ask!). I love knowing that those moments, memories, will be cherished forever because of how I have captured that fleeting moment in time.

I have added a few of the images I have took so far in 2014 for you to enjoy, I simply love them all and I hope you do too.

Dan Foley x

Teaser5 Teaser2

Love Web Love Web (2)  Chelss & Si teaser


Self Portraits l Get Ready to Save the Dates!!!

On Saturday just gone I spent the day photographing beautiful babies, families and couples… before I packed away however I shouted Dav to the studio and we decided to have a play with save the date ideas… Now we have until 2014 to work out our save the dates, so we had fun playing with all of the Fun Booth Props and this is what we came up with… Our ‘Get Ready to Save the Dates’ – and I love them… however this just means that our actual save the dates need to be 10 times better than this… so watch this space… January we will reveal all xus

Busy October l Babies l Dreamers l Weddings

October is nearly at an end, just over a week to go, and I am almost counting down the days… I will be back to being a photographer full time… what could be better…

Don’t get me wrong this charity wedding fayre is great fun in organising, I have learnt loads of new things and met lots of incredible people on this journey, but 8weeks to do it, its safe to say I have missed the odd night off.

Saturday just gone I had a 100% photography day, and I loved it! I had so much fun with all the babies and families (and a newly engaged couple – congratulations again and I look forward to photographing your wedding), I got to try out my new baby props, and loved them, it was so refreshing to have that break.

This Saturday I have the wedding of the beautiful Claire to photograph, as she marries the love of her life Karl. Than Sunday its THE DAY!!! The Dreamers Wedding Fayre for Macmillan Cancer Support at the Holiday Inn Coventry South has arrived. Its 11am to 3pm so don’t miss it, we have lots of different and unique stands from wedding specialists, literally this isn’t the normal type of wedding fayre, this is pure variety, come and check it out. We have managed to get thousands of pounds of prizes donated to us for a raffle like no other – come and try your luck – you may be leaving with a holiday for up to 6 or a great activity day that will wow every stag.

It is going to be a great day, and if your getting married, newly engaged, or just love love, come along, their is something for everyone. Right, November will be here soon and I will be back updating my work and news more often, have a sneaky peak at these baby pics though from the weekend…

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September Weddings

  So I have been chaotic busy with wedding fayre planning the last month, but that’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed some beautiful weddings in the last month. And I just want to share some of those teasers quickly, as they have been totally different to previous weddings, with different styles and one of a kind characters. View these sample pics below and let me know what you think 🙂





LJ-7750  LJ-7841

Dreamers Charity Wedding Fayre

Just five weeks ago we decided to host a charity wedding fayre, to raise money for the Macmillan nurses at Macmillan Cancer Support, and I thought it was going to be easy!!! Famous last words right!!!

Juggling weddings, several couple shoots, many consultations and family photo sessions in between I can safely say I have never been so busy in my life and if it wasn’t for the fact that every penny raised is going to the charity – I am sure I would be rich right now!!!

The reason I decided on this event for this great cause is my Aunty Diana, who lost her fight with cancer some 20years ago. This year would have been her 50th, so throughout the year family members have been raising money in her name for Macmillan, and this is how I wanted to raise money. The Macmillan Nurses made a world of difference in her final days, and this is my tribute to them.

My partner and his sister are helping with the event in memory of their granddad, who sadly lost his fight from cancer within a few months from diagnosis, and he never had the chance to meet a Macmillan Nurse. Its crazy that in a city the size of Coventry we only have a very limited number of Macmillan Nurses. We are fundraising in their memory and want to try and help everyone who needs a Macmillan nurse in the future to be able have one.

So far we have the venue, Holiday Inn Coventry South ,Photography, Cakes, Hair & Make up, Bridal Gowns, Sweet bouquets, Jewellery, Crafts & Gifts, Floristry, Singer, Videography, Transport, Lotions & Potions, Entertainment, Same Sex Couples specialists, Magician, Tiaras, Fireworks, Candles, Garments, plus lots more.

We have also managed to get fab prizes for the day – £400 off a whirlwind wedding anyone? Free make over photo shoot? Theatre Tickets? Experience Days? To be honest we have got to much to list here, please come on the day ,buy a ticket to get to be in with a chance to win one of the many fab prizes available.

I am hoping to raise £1000!!! I have never done charity before but its looking positive so far… Managed to sell ad space on our flyers to local companies that paid for 5000 flyers, am waiting to see what the Coventry Evening Telegraph can do, as well as free radio, and have had lots of help from Perfect Brides, who are handing out flyers at their own wedding fayre’s to help us raise for Macmillan.

For every company who has said ‘its not worth their involvement’ or ‘don’t do charity’ we have found pure treasures in between who want to help, donate, and be part of this incredible day and I hope on the day it all goes incredibly well and we are able to raise a great amount for this incredible charity.

This week we have our outdoor banners going out and about in the city, keep an eye out for them, but I will add a quick sneak peak for you here… let me know what you think and I hope to see everyone at this incredible event… Make sure to tell your family and friends too…


Joylicious Cake Creations l Product Photography – Website Design & Launch

So this last week I have been kept quiet doing photography off some of the most stunning cakes I have ever seen (how I didn’t take a sneak bite I don’t know!).

Cakes covered in melted chocolate and than sculpted into, well the only way to describe them were masterful pieces of art. Angels, Cherubs, butterflies and roses are just some of the beautiful pieces of decorations that Joy & Dav (the Joylicious Cake Team) hand crafted out of chocolate.

Its not just their ‘Chocilicious’ cakes that were mouth watering, their cupcakes and signature cakes were just as good. Its great watching two people who love their work as much as I love mine, and I can guarantee I will be using and recommending their services in the future.

I wanted the website I designed / created for them to reflect their personalities and fantastic designs, and took numerous photos of their cakes from all kinds of angles to capture every beautiful details of their work.

Have a look at these photos I took and visit their website, how do you think it looks? Have I managed to convey their personality across? Would really appreciate the feedback – www,

Thanks everyone,


JCCIMG_5029IMG_8235z (2)z (6)IMG_8216

Male & Female Nude Photography Studio l Coventry

I’m finding nude photography and the illusion of nude photography becoming more popular in the last two years. People want to capture their bodily form while they are at their best and before the years take their toll and damage their physique.
Before I go on I will just say that the style of nude photography I do is tasteful and classy, as I think having the suggestion and tease of nudity is more powerful than a full frontal shot.

I love capturing a guy side on when he tenses every muscle in his body, or a woman lying on the floor with only her heels on. Capturing the beauty of the body in front of me without seeing private parts is a beautiful way to shoot nude. People are seeking nude shoots to not only immortalise their figures and forms, but to give to their partners as presents, they want the images to be shown, to be proud of them, and this style of nude photography offers all of that.

Two years ago I only got asked by women to do nude shoots, however in the last few months men are starting to get drawn to the idea too. I reckon it will soon become a trend, men want to capture their bodies at its prime as much as women do, and to top that the realisation that your partner wants to see your beautiful, sexy, nude portraits as much as you want to see theirs too.

My first nude shoot was daunting, but I soon got into it, learning to highlight those amazing features on a body. Recently I have done the illusion of nude photography for one lady, where she wasn’t confident enough to get completely naked, that’s fine because I just work around it to capture the illusion of nudity.

It’s not a form of photography I imagined going into, but after developing some experience and skills in it I will do more if I am asked too. Let me know what you think of the images from my last three nude shoots, two were nude and one was the illusion of nudity.

Thanks for reading. Dan

DFP 002 DFP 003 DFP 004DFP 001

Craig & Emma l Coventry Wedding Photography l 20th April 2013

When we first met with Craig & Emma they told us that they wanted us to be just another guest, capturing the day as it unfolds in front of their eyes,  that for us is exactly how we want to document a wedding. Craig got ready with his best man, while Emma and the girls did their thing in the executive suite at the hotel. Emma had planned (and done) everything beautifully, not many brides are creating candy corners for their evening guests at midnight (12hours before the wedding).
I love weddings, I love all the little things, I love couples personalities, and I love that when Emma reached Craig at the end of the aisle, they didn’t compliment each other, but teased each other with an insult before getting married. These are the moments that I love, seeing a couple that are perfectly matched and who are simply meant to be.
These guys had an amazing day to remember, having their nearest and dearest around them for the day before opening it up for everyone else to join the celebrations with the evening reception.
They loved their photos and choose to have a mixture of black and white, colour splash, and full colour images for their album, which is why I am posting these three strips, as not every couple wants a mixture, some just want a single format, either way an album/storybook is the memory of the wedding, and I think the mixture really helps to highlight different sections.
Craig & Emma received their album at the weekend and loved it, and I am honoured to have been such a part of their wedding day.

Strip 3

Strip 2

Strip 1

Molly l Pet Photography – Studio, Coventry

To be honest I have always been weary of working with pets. At Christmas I did a studio shoot for a family and took some images of their two dogs and thought okay this isn’t too bad, but still had never gone into the pet world further, well that is until last week. Emily and Mikey , a couple who have just booked me for their wedding photography next year, came for a studio shoot and they brought along their baby, Molly the dog! Half way through I suggested we get Molly into the pictures, so putting fairy wings on her (as you do!) I took some shots, and although it can be hard work getting a dog to stay still and look in the right direction, I got some great images of her. Asking the couple to hold Molly also led to capturing some stunning pet photography (for a second attempt working with pets, I was well impressed!!!). After several more shots Molly had had enough and it was time to return to the humans. Now however I am looking forward to doing more pet photography and taking those challenges head on, well, as long as they’re not biters!!!


Adrian & Sean | Brandon Hall, Same-Sex Wedding

Adrian & Sean got married on one of those beautiful autumn days of the year at Brandon Hall. I have to confess this was my first gay wedding and I was a teeny bit nervous, what would I need to do differently from a straight wedding? I started doing mock poses of the conventional wedding poses, some worked, and some didn’t! Then came the epiphany moment, ditch the photography rule book and start thinking outside the box. My job is to capture the emotions, the love, the guests and the champagne, and this was my chance to truly follow my instincts and develop my skill set to better serve all couples. I have to say I really enjoyed my first same-sex wedding, which was intimate, striking and really summed up the boys love for one another. I love those pictures that you weren’t even aware I captured, and with this wedding it was after the ceremony, when I told the guys to have five minutes together on their own as Mr & Mr that I caught some of those beautiful moments. They had simply walked out of earshot and held each other, both beaming, and those images sum up this beautiful couple for me.